On a metaphysical level, the concept of our magazine is to capture the alluring subject matter of human energy (which at a quick glance can be often times unrecognizable). Aura Magazine features the photographs of the unseen - a colorful and vividly profound publication that speaks to a new kind of self-exploration. Aura makes the intangible, tangible.

It occupies the gray space between science and mysticism and immerses the audience into those small quantifiable forces just outside of human perception. As a magazine, we want to capture a moment in time that can never be recreated. And by giving the power to the photograph, we change the entire human thought of spirit.



With Aura Magazine, we want to build our own image. Our objective is to position ourselves as a trustworthy and honest company. Aura features photographers from all over the world and appeals to a wide range of creatives. We also have an email database our customers and featured artists can touch base with us and leave questions, comments, etc. On the email database, the upcoming issues are sent out alongside the possibility of being featured. 

Our idea of advanced photography for Aura Magazine is to try and make people feel something through the energ(ies) the world provides. And how we represent advanced photography is by showing different cultural perspectives on a spiritual level. We want our audience to know that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it transforms from one form to another.



Terra-Femme is a contemporary poetry chapbook that illustrates the transcendence
of photographic and written text in various forms of universal push / pull.

Terra: deriving from the latin word for earth and may also refer to the primeval Roman goddess
Femme: deriving from the energy that identifies as feminine

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Ensoulment Broadside 8 x 10.jpg

Ensoulment // BY JASMINE marie

“Is this where the lure of wildness leads?”*
White morsels
smelling of
coconut milk
& sea
Not even our roots in bloom
The hollyhock ho-hum of
Oral fauna
Plant allies
Drinking our oil like cocktails
& infusing their spirit in our uterus walls
This cellular amalgam of
male and female
As if they believe in all religions
and none
A British pirate
hiding in curls
Shattered our bones
hip-deep in fire
Upholstered pelts
Garland glazed skin
turned meat orchid
Poor Condor
He wanted vanilla
and got jalapeño

*a conversation brought up in
Aesthetics of Sustainability

Ensoulment Broadside 8 x 10.jpg
Cleanse Broadside Invert 8x10.jpg


dirty water on dry clothes
dirty water in melrose
dirty water milked and froze
dirty water, hidden prose



organic madness
apple tiers

read and read again,
the foul language of the mouth

can it be spoken?

sailor on that drunken cloud
please stay afloat

in this hideous grey space

.       S       P       A       C       E

S         p         a          c         e

s          p          a         c         e

why do you carry weapons?
and use them on young children?
why do you shoot decaying dry dust from your pistol? 




pasture-ize your gun
your hands are dripping

(Gal) - axy Broadside 8x10.jpg

(Gal) - axy // BY JASMINE MARIE

the image of purple foxglove seduced me its ultra  violet runway glowing in welcome come in let me fix you with my pins and needles stitch you up with love he said here carry around your blood in a testube he said around* 80 percent of people have no symptoms when they get the virus he said although this figure needs further investigation where are you doctor I am glowing dont you see my sexuality is part of me my sexuality is part of me what would happen if a woman opened her mouth what would happen if a woman spoke the truth about her own life estoy lastimado** nasaktan ako main aahat hoon the whole goddamn world would split open * a section from Key unanswered questions by BBC

** “I am hurt” in the following languages:  Spanish, Filipino and Hindi

(Gal) - axy Broadside 8x10.jpg

The Babe Warrior

As a team project, The Babe Warrior serves as a full service app and website* for the bride(s) in leagues of their own. Users have the ability to search vendors in their area based on a style profile they create, view mood boards that they can shop based on their style, book appointments and get information all on their phone. Wedding planning made easy for the warrior who wants their vision to truly come to life.

*screenshot from The Babe Warrior website